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We are in the habit of exaggerating or imagining or anticipating sorrow. We are torn by things present or about things yet to come. Consider whether your proofs of future troubles are sure. For it is more often the case that we are troubled by our apprehensions. Quotes of Wisdom
Nothing is as certain as that the vices of leisure are gotten rid of by being busy. Uncategorized
The spirit in which a thing is given determines that in which the debt is acknowledged; it's the intention, not the face-value of the gift, that's weighed. Uncategorized
You can tell the character of every man when you see how he receives praise. Uncategorized
There is no great genius without some touch of madness. Uncategorized
The best ideas are common property. Uncategorized
Men do not care how nobly they live, but only how long, although it is within the reach of every man to live nobly, but within no man's power to live long. Uncategorized
Live among men as if God beheld you; speak to God as if men were listening. Uncategorized
It is quality rather than quantity that matters. Uncategorized
It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor. Uncategorized
It is better, of cours, to know useless things than to know nothing. Uncategorized
Every man prefers belief to the exercise of judgement. Uncategorized
He who boasts of his ancestry is praising the deeds of another. Uncategorized
Without an adversary prowess shrivels. We see how great and efficient it really is only when it shows by endurance what it is capable of. Uncategorized
Toil to make yourself remarkable by some talent or other. Uncategorized
Unjust dominion cannot be eternal. Uncategorized
We most often go astray on a well trodden and much frequented road. Uncategorized
We should conduct ourselves not as if we ought to live for the body, but as if we could not live without it. Uncategorized
Wealth is the slave of a wise man. The master of a fool. Uncategorized
What does reason demand of a man? A very easy thing--to live in accord with his nature. Uncategorized