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1longest tree of the world
2Ancient name of Maha Bharatha.
3A system used to determine latitude, longitude anywhere on or above the earth surface.
4Country having longest mine
5Fist country of the world to launch a radio satellite
6The subject for which St. Stefans College of DU is most famous
7Ancient Mesopotamia is now better known as?
8The district where River Ganga empties into the Bay of Bengal
9first country to declare smoking completely illegal
10an alloy of aluminium
11first satellite launched by India
12deepest coal mine in India
1What is a group of islands called?
2North Indian style of music
3The famous and unique Aswan Dam is in this country
4Branch of United Nations founded in 1945
5Term related to earthquake where a point of stress is released
6Country with the longest coast in the world.
7A river of ice is commonly known as this
8The place in Gujarat where the Milk Revolution (White Revolution) started
9Original country to were Nokia belongs to
10The state in India famous for and as the Land of Five great rivers
11Who discovered Puerto Rico ?
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