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1Satyajit Ray's debut film in 1955
2Who won Best Actor National Film Award in 2010?
3In which movie Sharukh Khan is a scientist in NASA
4What is Mr. Ravi kapoor better known as in bollywood?
5At what age did actress Sridevi start her career?
6He wrote the story of Amir Khan's hit movie Taare Zameen Par
1Richard Attenborough directed this film on this beloved Indian icon in 1982
2Cate Blanchett won the Oscar for this Shekhar kapoor-directed film
3A rare and unknown disease Progeria was addressed to in this Amitabh movie
4Spanish film actor best know for his role in "The Mask of Zorro"
5Alfred Hitchcock's famous film with a murder in the bathroom, scaring people so much that many refused to take a shower
6Halle Berry won Oscar award for this 2002 movie
7The only Indian to have won an Oscar for Lifetime achievement in films
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