Thank you for showing interest in learning more about boddunan. Before we dive into more details, we strongly recommed you to go through the FAQs section which will guide you through various programs, terms and conditions of the website.

Boddunan is a flexible and user friendly community echo system developed over the past few years to help you connect and earn money with your online presence. 

Who are eligible to earn money?

Presently we offer money making opportunities for Indian writers only.



Do you write articles? We have the right platform for you to present your writing skills to the community. And whats more you can earn upto maximum of Rs.100 for each article you write in the form of cash credits. The more quality content you write, we give you more cash credits. Don't worry if you do not write articles, we have more programs that will earn you money.


Can't decide which mobile phone to buy or which tourist destination to reach or to go and have a delicious dinner at a fine-dine restaurant? Checkout our reviews section and find some great reviews about mobile phones, tourist destinations and restaurants. More to come soon.


Discover what the wise men says. Know some great quotes by famous personnel and discuss them.



Get connected with your friends and community members with exiting discussions and contests exclusively on boddunan forums. Have queries, get started on forums right now.


Find answers to the questions, whether professional or day-to-day questions. One common place for getting answers to your questions. Browse through your topic of interest and find answers.


Connect with members of boddunan.



Play and vote on polls. Share your feedback on thousands of polls exclusively on boddunan.


Can you answer some brainstorming questions? We have hundreds of quizzes ready to answer, get started now.


Mind twisters, brain teasers, all at one place. Solve some exiting crosswords.


Points System

Your online presence makes you money. For most of the activities you do on, you can earn points. Please see FAQs for more info. Points are not real money, however they can earn money through Revenue Sharing program, Member of the week competition as well as other competitions we announce in future.

Revenue Sharing Program

Earn extra money for all the points you earn during the month. For every 1000 points, you get one share of boddunan revenue sharing amount which we will announce every month on the forum. 

Please feel free to post your query on forum, our community is so active, our experienced community members are very helpful in answering your queries.